Some of our favourite countries are in Asia. From China to Thailand, some of the most amazing sights we've seen and some of the kindest people are in Asia.

Countries We've Seen


Brunei was a very fun detour from our time in Malaysia.  It was a bit difficult to get to but we enjoyed being virtually the only tourists, and spending a day at the Jerudong Park – at the time a completely empty amusement park (almost post-apocalyptic!) modeled after Disneyland
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Cambodia was a real treat.  We only visited Siem Reap to see the Angkor Wat area, but were amazed at the kindness of everyone we met and would love to go back one day.…
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China is one of our favourite countries.  We had a great time traveling around, we were treated very well as independent backpackers, and really enjoyed the sights.  The food was wonderful and the prices were low.…
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As independent travelers, India was the most challenging country we have ever been to.  We saw amazing sights, and tasted some truly wonderful food.  Unfortunately, even the beauty of the Taj and the delight of seeing tigers in the wild could not overcome the problems we experienced d
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We had a great time in Korea. The sights were impressive – both natural and cultural.  It was easy to get around, and not expensive.  We hope you enjoy our extensive blog, photos, and videos from our trip!…
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