Middle East

We've really enjoyed exploring the Middle East. There's a rich history, amazing sights, and warm, generous people.

Countries We've Seen


Egypt has sights unlike anywhere else in the world.  It is, however, very challenging to enjoy as an independent traveller. Tourists have been visiting the Pyramids for thousands of years, and locals have been devising ways to extract money from tourists for a similar amount of time!&
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Church of all Nations, Mount of Olives, Israel


From swimming in the Dead Sea to driving around the Sea of Galilee, we loved the two very hot weeks we spent in Israel.  The cities of Haifa and Tel Aviv were also a lot of fun to explore, and the beaches were surprisingly good!…
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The view from Um Qais, Jordan to Syria, with the hills dotted with olive trees.


Seeing Petra is reason enough to visit Jordan. But when you add on top of that spending a couple of nights camping in Wadi Rum, swimming in the Red Sea at Aqaba, seeing all the ruins in Jerash and elsewhere, it’s an incredible destination.  …
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Not at the top of anyone’s bucket list, we actually had a great time exploring Oman.  From the spectacular Sultan Qaboos Mosque, to the fort at Nizwa, to the amazing Jebel Shams (The Grand Canyon of the Middle East) Oman was amazing at every turn.…
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United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a truly incredible place. While Dubai at times seems like a Walt Disney version of a huge, modern city, a short trip to another emirate transports you back a thousand years with amazing sights of their own.…
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